Friday, September 15, 2006

Low wages and low expectations

Two stories on the wages and the American economy worth reading, from the Times:

Everyday Low Wages

Progress or Regress?

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Anonymous said...

If stewardesses have college degrees when their job doesn't require it, maybe it is because our colleges don't teach anything other than useless leftist propaganda meant to keep the worthless faculty employed. We have plenty of engineers out there doing computer programming they could have done in high school because their grant hugging professors were out of touch with the needs of industry. And all the crazy schemes of corporate governance were learned by the praetorian soviet style of elections and governance of all the nonprofit board, and alumni and trade associations where the supposed intelligentsia goes to show off. If all the rigor of oversight in securities applied also to research and other nonprofit grants, a third of our professoriate would be behind bars. This book is jibberish. No wonder Stalin felt the effete affected intelligentsia of media and academia were his prize useful idiots. All he had to do was coddle their narcissism and they would do ANYTHING without the slightest pang of conscience! This is what we expect from the gunless, carless, houseless, soulless, botox-deadened urban vermin. The reason we have layoffs and need a lot more of them is because of all the people whose minds were polluted by such trash.


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