Thursday, April 27, 2006

Putting food on everyone's table

Dispathces: Putting food on everyone's table
A column by Hank Kalet from the South Brunswick Post

The statistics are startling.

About 12 percent of American households in 2004 experienced some level of food insecurity — meaning they did not have enough food to sustain "an active, healthy life for all household members" — according to the federal Department of Agriculture.

Blacks were hit hardest, with 23.7 percent experiencing some food insecurity in 2004, while 21.7 percent of Hispanic households also experienced food issues.

And the figure for households headed by single mothers is particularly staggering: a whopping 33 percent, or one in three, according to the USDA.

As an audience member at Monday's meeting of the Monroe Township League of Women Voters, which focused on food insecurity, said: "It's hard to comprehend."

Read the full column here.

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