Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A poem by Hank Kalet

By Hank Kalet

Navigating the ’78 Caddy he bought
with the money he won on a good trip to
Monmouth Park
turning left onto the highway as
his passenger sips from a
cardboard coffee cup –
He nailed the trifecta then a
longshot in the last race
walked out with two grand in his pocket
had a steak dinner and bought the car
You should come to the track with me
he says grinning, unlit cigarette dangling
my luck’s been too damn good to
keep to myself

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Unaffordable Housing

This story in The Star-Ledger offers some sense of why we are doing what we do.

New home for the Voices of Reason arts collective on the Web

Voices of Reason has moved from to

Voices of Reason looking for music and poetry

Voices of Reason, an arts collective formed to raise money for antipoverty groups in central New Jersey, is accepting musical and literary submissions for its second compact disc anthology and literary magazine.
Musical and spoken word performances should be submitted in mp3 or standard audio formats and should be mailed on a compact disc to our post office box. Literary submissions can be submitted via e-mail to or by mail to our post office box. Please include all relevant contact information, including an e-mail address, for a response. Mailed submissions can be returned, but only if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included. Make sure the return envelope has enough postage.
There is no payment for work accepted, aside from a contributor's copy, and that all decisions on distribution of the proceeds from the magazine are at the discretion of editors.
Voices of Reason’s first compact disc, The Other Side of the Street, and literary magazine, The Other Half, sell as a package for $10. Proceeds go to Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen in New Brunswick, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and Homefront of Mercer County.
Voices of Reason, PO Box 293, Dayton, NJ 0881; or


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